Sunday, December 19, 2010

Train Control Systems CN or CN-GP ?

The Train Control Systems CN type decoder is a good choice for some locomotives where they can be installed with little or no modification to the frame.  So what's the difference between the two and where can each be used.  I've been working with these quite a bit lately and have some answers.

The only difference between the two decoders is the shape and size.  The CN is shaped to fit between the parts of the frame that stick up on both ends of the Chinese made Atlas RS and RSD series of locomotives and is slightly longer than the CN-GP.  Refer to the photo above to see a comparison of both types. 

As the name suggest, the CN-GP is designed for the Chinese made Atlas GP series.    Both of these decoders can be used in other locomotives as well, sometimes requiring a little more modification to the frame.  The table below lists all of the locomotive types that I've installed these type of decoders in so far along with brief notes about the installation.  If I have related material in this blog, there will be a link to it.  This table will be updated whenever I discover another locomotive that the CN or CN-GP decoders can be used in.
Make and ModelDecoder typeNotes
Atlas GP7 and GP9CN-GP1995-1997 releases - see instructions
Atlas SD7 and SD9CN-GPOld release made by Kato - see instructions
Atlas Classic RS1CN onlyReverse board locations - see instructions
Atlas Classic RS3CN onlySee detailed instructions
Atlas Classic RSD4/5CN onlySee detailed instructions
Kato SD40 or SD45CN or CN-GPRequires slot on top of frame for wires
Kato U30C or C30-7CN or CN-GPRequires slot on top of frame for wires
Life Like C424CN-GPRequires slot on top of frame for wires and reverse board locations, see instructions
Life Like GP60CN-GPMinor frame modification, see instructions

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